The crypto space is developing at an accelerated rate as projects such as Cardano continue to ship out impressive code. This fast-paced innovation has no doubt hit a few bumps in the road in terms of what is being shipped out to the community and how safe it is for investors.

Recently, a video from 2021 surfaced of Solana founders making fun of the fact that Cardano is very strict about the code which they write and ship out to the community. With so many problems such as the ones being faced by the Solana network, is this really a bad thing?

Building Out Code For Safety

If there’s one thing that Cardano is known for, it’s that all of its code is carefully written before being made available for the general public to use. This is in no way a point against the network given the amount of exploitation that is carried out on a daily basis in the crypto space. This is why the video of a Solana founder mocking the Cardano process has drawn the ire of the DeFi community, who have already voiced their displeasure with Solana’s performance.

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For comparison, while Cardano has been running non-stop for five years, the Solana network continues to experience multiple downtimes. In the space of the last month alone, Solana has experienced a total blackout two times that have left users unable to transact on the network. This is no surprise given the founders’ trial and error stance when it comes to shipping out code. However, they are never the victims of these outages as investors are always left to suffer the losses.

Given this, it is imperative to applaud networks such as Cardano who take out the time to actually make sure their code is safe before shipping out. Sure, the network is not perfect (there’s no such thing), but the continuous commitment to ensuring investors’ safety has been the bedrock of the blockchain and why it has developed such a cult-like following of loyal users.

Cardano founder highlights this in a response to the video which had resurfaced online;

Good Things Coming For Cardano

Cardano continues to build out its network for a better experience for its users. Charles Hoskinson has teased that some amazing things will be coming out soon. Mainly, it is around the Input Endorsers which have been in development for a while. 

These Input Endorsers enable the network to work faster by splitting a single block into two. Scheduled to go into effect after the Vasil Hard Fork, one half of the split block will be used as a consensus block and the other to hold transaction data. This will further accelerate the speed of the already lightning-fast network, making sending and receiving transactions a more seamless process, as explained by IOG’s Direction of Cardano Architecture, John Woods.

“If we decompose it, we split the block into two. So, we no longer have a single block on the network, but we now have two blocks. And we use one block to hold transactions and another block to achieve consensus.”

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With the upgrade coming, the price of ADA is expected to respond positively to the news. If this is the case, then it may trigger a recovery towards $1 for the digital asset. 

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