The IIAS is expected to explore the space using the Virgin Galactic’s new scientific research benefits and applications that are available for human-tended research experiments.

Virgin Galactic Holdings Inc (NYSE: SPCE), an aerospace and space travel firm, has revealed a new contractual plan of flying Kellie Gerardi on a research-based journey for the experimentation and testing of new healthcare technologies, such as the new biomonitor system, while in space.

Despite this marquee partnership, Virgin Galactic stock was down by 0.35% and closed at $31.01 on June 3. But today it is up approximately 0.84% in the pre-market.

The International Institute for Astronautical Sciences (IIAS) and Virgin Galactic teams will be working together with the government and academics to strategize and equip Kellie Gerardi for her space activities to benefit research experiments.

Although this is not the first Gerardi will be flying to space, as she had previously embarked on parabolic research flights, interested in a reduced gravity environment of space; however, this will be a proper space trip, offering benefits to researchers who had previously conducted their research in stimulated Zero-G condition.

The IIAS is expected to explore the space using the Virgin Galactic’s new scientific research benefits and applications that are available for human-tended research experiments to establish improvement and demonstrate acquired knowledge in prior researches conducted on Earth. It is the goal of Virgin Galactic to make available benefits surpassing the barriers that hindered space science research, such as repeatability, affordability, and quality, which will all be done by Kellie during the space trip.

The mission will be conducting research experiments on bio-monitoring instrumentation, such as the Astroskin Bio-Monitor wearable sensors system, designed for evaluating the biological effects of launch, weightlessness re-entry, and landing. It will also be researching a free-floating fluid configuration experiment.

“Kellie has consistently demonstrated capability and professionalism in dynamic, operational, and multi-national research environments while enabling novel research. Additionally, her natural ability for science communication will help expand our nonprofit educational and outreach missions, inspiring others to see space as both inclusive of all and as a laboratory to benefit all of humanity. We look forward to working with Virgin Galactic as we expand our research from a parabolic flight and analog environments towards longer-duration microgravity exposures in space,” said, IIAS Founder Dr. Jason Reimuller, while commenting on Galactic’s plan.

A recent report comparing Virgin Galactic (SPCE) with Maxar Technologies has revealed that buying SPCE stock now is not a good idea.

The analysis explained that while SPCE stock recorded a 104% increase, it was traded at 46%, a record lower than its ATH. Investors should expect a turnaround, volatility, going by by the kind of business of Virgin Galactic. According to the report, e company’s shares have been performing underperforming.

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