The trend of the Internet and digital currencies has forged many miracles, but only a small part of the people is able to witness this as many others have missed the opportunity.

Nowadays, with the emergence of information transparency and sharing models, users have much more equal standing.

GIBXchange Digital Bank aims to work with the public to co-create, co-manage, share, and cooperate with users to operate the exchange together.

Adhering to the original intention of solving the sores of blockchain exchanges and ensuring users’ safety to build a more stable, reliable, fairer, and safer digital currency trading market, GIBXchange strives to build a decentralized blockchain exchange.

The joint management operation model returns the rights and benefits to the users themselves, gaining a larger user group, higher income, and more risk-resistant capabilities.

With the help of capital funds, and with the vigorous development of the digital economy, the rapid development of the GIBXchange digital bank relies on the technical application of mature technologies and the innovation of new technologies and benefits from its own capital attributes.

The emergence of GIBXchange perfectly solves the current three significant demands of users on DEX – fast transactions, lowest costs, and the best prices. We can see all these from the current progress of GIBXchange.

These measures are conducive to increasing transaction volume and liquidity. Liquidity and trading volume are core user experiences of exchange and are also the core objectives of exchange operations.

Therefore, regardless of the perspective, the biggest beneficiary of GIBXchange is undoubtedly GUSDT. The free currency listing mechanism will stimulate the active participation of the current project.

Any on-chain operation needs to consume GUSDT, which shows that GUSDT is about to break through all-time highs in one fell swoop and become a big winner in the currency circle.

For the entire cryptocurrency world, GIBXchange represents the practice and exploration of the genuine concept of decentralization.

GIBXchange always adheres to the concept of “safety, compliance, and efficient service” to provide users with the fastest, most efficient, and most professional services.

GIBXchange adopts the design concept of AMM (Automated Market Maker), which has proven to be one of the most influential DeFi innovations.

Through its unique automated market making mechanism (AMM), the threshold for digital assets is reduced to the lowest level, it fully embodies the characteristics of decentralization, openness, transparency, and permission-less.

They can create and operate publicly available on-chain liquidity for a range of different tokens. 

Redefine the concept of “transaction” with mathematical logic and form the “inject liquidity-extract liquidity” transaction model.

This is a significant subversion of the “buy-sell” trading model that has been used since the birth of the financial market. AMM fundamentally changes the way users trade cryptocurrencies.

Unlike the traditional order book transaction model, both parties of AMM transactions interact with the liquid asset pool on the chain. The liquidity pool allows users to seamlessly switch between tokens on the chain in a fully decentralized and non-custodial manner.

Liquidity providers earn passive income through transaction fees, which are based on the percentage of their contribution to the asset pool. It is simple, elegant, accessible, and most trustworthy.

After Bitcoin and Ethereum, GIBXchange will be the most innovative blockchain exchange that can be called a “paradigm revolution.”


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