The time has come once again, Duelist King allies, the release of yet another card sale. Over the last couple of months, the DK team has been busy preparing to launch its public alpha. They cannot wait to prepare you for the later iterations of the game with this next batch of cards.

This sale will be released on May 5th, 2022, and is expected to be one of Duelist King’s biggest yet and one of the most hyped card sales this quarter. This blog will highlight everything you need to know about the card sale and why it is worth getting excited for!

They Broke Records Before; Let’s do it Again!
As mentioned, this sale will be Duelist King’s third. After the success of the previous sales, whereby they sold over 500,000 NFT cards, Duelist King is once again releasing new cards into the wild.

They broke records during their first and second sales, selling their first batch of 50,000 mystery boxes in under 45 minutes, with their second batch doing just as well. The third release is one of their biggest yet, with a staggering 30,000 mystery boxes up for grabs. Let’s break more records.

How it works
As always, these mystery boxes will feature five random Duelist King cards, all at different rarity levels. Their cards have six distinct rarity levels: common, uncommon, rare, super rare, special, and legendary.

The sales will feature just one round this time, meaning you will have to be on top of your game (pardon the pun) to nab one of these exclusive mystery boxes.

Furthermore, due to the power of the blockchain, all cards will be distributed fairly and effectively, ensuring that each mystery box has efficient and transparent distribution. Therefore, enabling you to have the fairest chance at getting your hands on the rarest cards.

These mystery boxes will feature powerful new cards with unique designs worthy of your NFT collection.

The designs are looking to be the best yet, with V4 featuring powerful cards and striking designs that will elevate your gameplay to the next level when Duelist King releases as a full game down the road. Likewise, the stories behind these cards are just as fascinating, with many new cards reminiscent of gods. Therefore, you do not want to miss out on this sale!

How do I Purchase Mystery Boxes?

These exciting mystery boxes can be purchased using stable coins. You can sign up for the card sale and participate in the event through the following steps:

  1. Access their official website: and sign in.
  2. Login or sign up for a Duelist King account
  3. Click purchase at the top of the website
  4. Connect your Metamask wallet and select the number of mystery boxes you want to buy

Refer to Earn

But that is not all; as part of the sale, they have put together two exciting promotional programs to reward you if you purchase or refer a friend to buy one of their mystery boxes. The programs are as follows:

  1. The referral program: It’s as simple as it sounds; the more people you refer to buy their mystery boxes using your unique referral code, the more commission you earn on the card sales. This referral program will apply to both KOLs and general buyers. The table below outlines the amount of commission earned per sale.
  • Commission will be paid at the end of each month by stable coin (USDT, USDC,…)
  1. The Dynamic discount model: This model is purely discount only. The more boxes you buy, the more a discount you get. For every 5 boxes you will be eligible for a 2% discount. See below an example of the Dynamic discount model.

They are putting together the specifics of these programs, so expect more announcements soon. Likewise, if you are an influencer and want to get involved with their referral program, don’t hesitate to contact us.

They are listing on several NFT marketplaces to assure liquidity. As well us selling the cards via the Duelist King website they will list on Tokomall, Babyswap, TofuNFT. Likewise, they will also be featured on AMA’s with partners such as Carv.

To round off, here is a sneak peek into a few of their legendary, super rare and rare V4 cards, releasing on May 5th. They cannot wait for you to get your hands on it!

Final Thoughts
All in all, Duelist King’s third card sale on May 5th will be its biggest yet. They cannot wait to show you and the world their next batch of cards as they prepare to launch their beta in the summer.

For more information regarding the card sale, check out the Duelist King website. Likewise, on the day of release, be sure to check the website for the actual sale.


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