Exclusive Capital, a regulated financial services and investment firm, has announced the latest addition to its product line. Exclusive’s bridge solution offers multiple bridge connections for faster and lower latency connections.

With extensive strategic partnerships formed over the years, Exclusive Capital is proud to present solutions for all partners and clients that are cost-effective and efficient within the financial markets.

By offering reliable connections with trusted providers, Exclusive Capital is able to ensure constant, up-to-date access to pricing information, advanced aggregation, and liquidity for partners and brokerages alike. 

Chief Product Officer, George Hadjinicodemou, Exclusive Capital

Chief Product Officer, George Hadjinicodemou “As with all of our services, we provide dedicated professional support, always on-hand to resolve any issues and enabling your brokerage to offer a top-tier service to each and every client as a standard feature of our liquidity bridging solution.”

Exclusive Capital utilizes a system of advanced reporting and monitoring, along with an intuitive management interface. The firm offers access to LD4, TY3, and NY3 data centers, combined with an institutional-level co-located network and hub-to-hub connections, so clients can enjoy near-instantaneous liquidity feeds. With this information, traders can always execute their trades with confidence.

Chief Sales Officer, Peter Leonidou, Exclusive Capital
Chief Sales Officer, Peter Leonidou, Exclusive Capital

Chief Sales Officer, Peter Leonidou “We believe in partnering with the best in the industry to give our clients and partners access to fast and reliable connections. This provides our partners access to connections that work for them, at the same time enabling fast execution across multiple data centers worldwide.”

About Exclusive Capital:

Exclusive Capital offers a diverse range of services to help clients invest, manage, and grow their wealth with confidence. The firm leverages the latest technology to offer world-class asset management, multi-asset trading, liquidity services and so much more.

Exclusive Capital aims to empower more people to achieve their investment goals through sustainable growth.


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