The emergence of the digital age and prevalence of the internet has brought with it an influx of online scams which many of us are all too familiar with.

Scams occur in various forms such as phishing emails, social media platforms and mobile phone SMS and can involve credit card theft, stolen login credentials and identity theft.

The latter is one of the most common and is where someone tries deceptively to extract sensitive information and money from you. Undoubtedly, online scammers will always be around in situations like these where there is money to be made.

One thing that is clear is that it is a concerning situation that requires users to be vigilant at all times in order to ensure you are dealing with a legitimate entity.

B2Broker is a high-profile company in the Fintech sector and often comes in contact with those conducting fraudulent activities in its dealings both with the public at large and its clients.

Activities like these bring with them negative repercussions which many in the industry are familiar with.

B2Broker is very aware of the many sophisticated scams in existence – Bitcoin ponzi schemes and fake investments, to name a few.

Perhaps one of the best known scams in recent years concerns one where $2 million worth of cryptocurrency was lost to Twitter scammers impersonating Tesla and SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk with the promise of huge returns.

Tesla aside, we are also familiar with scammers and have on various occasions been notified of cases where they have approached our customers disguised as our company CEO.

These people adopt a blatant disregard for legitimacy and conduct their fake businesses quite convincingly.

To highlight the case with an example, CEO Arthur Azizov was alerted to a fake Facebook account not long ago that was set up using his profile.

Clearly the account was created for the sole purpose of extracting money from Facebook users under the pretence of Arthur selling B2Broker products and services – but it was an outright scam. This incident is not the first for the company CEO who has previously been subjected to fake social media accounts, most prolifically on Instagram.

Fake Arthur Azizov Facebook Profile

Increase in Facebook Profile Fraud

All social media platforms, including Facebook, have become a highly lucrative business channel across B2C and B2B sectors. The growth of the market has led to a large increase in the number of fraudsters impersonating someone else’s account, usually to make money, as B2Broker has found.

With currently over two billion Facebook users and close to 270 million fake or duplicated accounts, one can see how easy it is to assume someone’s identity.

Fraudsters use the fake accounts they set up to sell their so-called services, or to convince people to click ads. This can have an adverse impact on companies in terms of wasting their ad budgets and tarnishing their reputation.

Beware the Existence of Fake Accounts

The importance of this situation is evident and has resulted in Arthur issuing a statement to warn his contacts, customers and partners, as well as the general public not to become a victim of scams, or allow themselves to be cheated by someone who has assumed his identity with a fake profile by parting with any money.

Neither B2Broker or Arthur himself ever offers financial advice, nor uses his personal Facebook page and other social media channels for this purpose.

The B2Broker CEO would like to remind everyone that B2Broker, as a B2B business, does not involve itself in any type of retail activities. Arthur himself never seeks investments, nor instigates any trading or money management activities.

The company only deals on a B2B basis which should send out a warning signal to anyone approached by “Arthur Azizov” trying to sell them anything at all. It is important to remember NEVER to trust people who request money from you via the internet.

We would also like to remind everyone to be on their guard at all times when it comes to fake accounts and online scams, and to ensure you check all the credentials before proceeding with any kind or transaction.

Searching again for the same name on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and TikTok, etc, will help you confirm whether or not it’s a duplicate, and looking out for other tell-tale signs such as inferior quality or fake photos and poor grammar (view image above) may help confirm any suspicions you might have.

If in any doubt, get in contact with us if you suspect an identity is compromised. You can also contact us at our company address ( where you can be reassured that you’re in legitimate hands.

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