Recent years have seen the proliferation of different types of asset trading. One specific asset that has gained interest lately has been the trade of loose diamonds, culminating in one of the industry’s first sovereign diamond exchanges in AsiaX.

AsiaX has made a name for itself in the industry as a crypto exchange looking to empower traders. This is accomplished by offering low fees, VIP customer support to all clients through a multi-lingual service, as well as unique staking opportunities.

The group’s latest offering of loose diamonds allows users to trade this asset in the most negotiable way possible on the market.

AsiaX Disrupting Diamond Trading

Diamonds have long been held as an investment interest though few if any exchanges offered the utility and availability of these resources for trading.

As a result, most exchanges have abstained from offering loose diamonds with traders seemingly frozen out of the space entirely.

This has all changed with AsiaX, which is looking to disrupt the diamond trading industry.

Backed by experienced dealers with over 15 years of experience, AsiaX represents the largest effort to date to digitize the diamond trade.

A first look at the interface includes a wide range of customizable search and tradable features. This ranges from the shape of diamonds to carat, clarity, cut grade, color, and price.

Experienced traders of diamonds as well as newer investors will find the portal easy to navigate, which allows for tailored display settings and well-defined trading capabilities.

AsiaX currently has over 263,000 diamonds available for exchange, making it the largest functioning service for diamonds globally.

The push represents a new opportunity for investors who can now seamlessly explore the diamond trading space in ways not possible before.

Most investors have been able to achieve exposure to this space only through exchange-traded funds or other instruments. With AsiaX, investors can take control of their own portfolio by exchanging diamonds digitally for the first time.

All diamonds are backed by GIA grading, whose transparent grading and analysis set the global standards that protect the gem-buying public.

Trade on the world’s largest diamond exchange at AsiaX today.

Asia Coin Gaining Traction in Industry

AsiaX is not only making fresh inroads with the investing public through the exchange of diamonds. Together with the availability of cryptocurrencies, the joint effort represents a new era in investing for traders looking to explore alternative asset classes.

AsiaX is looking to empower traders by letting users control and own their coins. The exchange is offering attractive affiliate trading awards up to 50%, as well as extremely low trading fees of 0.05%.

The exchange is also backed by a uniquely versatile and fragmented liquidity framework fostering greater flexibility and improved reliability.

Ultimately, AsiaX is also enabling the use of crypto through benefits designed to target users globally. This includes staking opportunities and the availability of ASIA coin, which belongs to AsiaX.

Asia Coin currently has a circulating supply of 11.0 million with a max supply of 100.0 million, the coin is currently valued at $0.097, offering 7-8% staking.

In terms of market cap, Asia Coin is currently ranked 779 in the Ethereum (ERC20) sector and ranked 33 in the Exchange Tokens sector and is quickly growing.

Asia Coin is available with up to 70 other cryptocurrencies on the AsiaX exchange.

About AsiaX

AsiaX is a decentralized exchange for the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, focusing on over 70 top cryptocurrencies, loose diamonds, and over 100 trading pairs in the market today. The exchange is committed to client safety and longevity, offering unique staking benefits for several different cryptocurrencies.

The group is comprised of veterans from the foreign exchange industry, backed by over two decades of experience in the financial services space.


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