Play To Earn Can Gamify Wordle: Meet Earn Arcade

A new play-to-earn version of Wordle by Earn Arcade aims to help introduce people to the crypto community. The game allows people to win prizes, including $MATIC, the native currency of Polygon. 

Earn Arcade website screenshot
Earn Arcade W3rdle is a play-to-earn game that allows users the chance to win $MATIC.

What is Earn Arcade?

Earn Arcade is a play-to-earn game created by developer and web3 builder David Hurley. It is the latest game by David, who has also built the impressive Two Sums, an equation-based game. 

David has created his version of Wordle called W3rdle, which allows users to earn cryptocurrency if they find the correct five-letter word. Currently, the prize for solving the W3rdle Earn Arcade game is 50 $MATIC, which is almost 20 dollars. 

This is a delightful game that is challenging, fun and rewarding. Winning the prize gives you a risk-free amount of crypto to start with and explore the broader economy. Moreover, winning $20 of cryptocurrency is an excellent opportunity for those curious about cryptocurrency who want to see how it works. 

Web3 builders need support to create the future

The W3rdle Earn Arcade game is a result of allowing web3 builders the freedom and tools to explore new things. In May, Shaan Puri, entrepreneur, former CEO of Bebo and now chairman of the popular crypto newsletter, The Milk Road, announced a web3 builder competition.

In a Twitter thread, he explained the competition in detail. He said, “Last month, I tweeted that I’d give out 1 ETH grant to web3 builders. 1000+ people applied. We picked 13 interesting builders and gave them 1 ETH (no strings attached) to build whatever they wanted. Here’s what they built”

One of the people picked by Shaan Puri was David Hurley. Furthermore, with this backing, he has been able to build a simple yet unique game that will give people a headstart in the crypto space. Earn Arcade has already given out lots of $MATIC, although it is unclear how much in total. 

Image of Milk Road logo
Earn Arcade will join The Milk Road as a daily game.

Further discussing the project, Shaan Puri said, “@davidhurley87 built a play-to-earn version of Wordle. Play wordle, win @0xPolygon. The faster you solve it, the more you win. cool onramp to get normal people to “win” crypto. Going to integrate this into @milkroaddaily as a daily game.”

Integrating Milk Road Daily will also bring a massive audience to the W3rdle game and allow people to explore David Hurley and his other work in Web3.

Play to Earn continues to grow

NFTs that use play-to-earn technology continue to grow in the ecosystem. P2E Games like Axie Infinity remain extremely popular, and startups like Earn Arcade are looking at new ways to use the technology in the best possible way.

Finally, when money is short, people are looking for new ways to earn extra income, which could work well in some cases. However, there is also less to make because of the current market fluctuation.


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