Kaiju Kingz, Cool Cats x SupDucks Partners With The Littles NFT

The littles just revealed their list of partners for its upcoming blockchain game called 1-Up Arcade. The upcoming NFT collection for the game will feature traits from Cool Cats, SupDucks, KaijuKingz, and CyberKongz too!

In addition, the project will celebrate its debut on the big screen during the NFT.NYC event. Collectors will be able to mint free POAP NFTs and sweepstakes prizes starting June 20th.

digital poster of the littles 1-Up Arcade blockchain game
The littles joins forces with four of the top NFT collectibles, such as KaijuKingz, for its 1-Up Arcade blockchain game. Credits: the littles

The littles brings KaijuKingz, SupDucks, Cool Cats & Cyberkongz together

One of the most hyped collections of the season, the littles, is ready to expand its blockchain experience. In fact, the project will integrate four of the top NFT collections to date into its upcoming game: 1-Up Arcade.

1-Up Arcade will bring together a wide variety of collectors for unique gaming and trading experiences. For example, NFT holders will be able to integrate their own top collectibles into the littles’ ecosystem. So far, the littles have partnered with SupDucks, KaijuKingz, CyberKongz, and Cool Cats.

How does the little’s 1-Up Arcade NFT game work?

To begin with, the NFT community must join the littles’ virtual town called Playside. Next, they can purchase one or more NFTs from the project’s partners. Each 1-Up Arcade player can play various games and complete various themed missions.

Accordingly, each in-game character will wear costumes inspired by the project’s partner NFTs. Here’s an example:

image of one NFT from the littles' upcoming drop featuring CyberKongz traits
The littles’ upcoming NFT drop will combine traits from its top partners, including CyberKongz and Cool Cats! Credits: the littles

Obviously, this unique collaboration may redefine the concept of interoperability.

As the littles’ founder, Will Lee said, “these co-branded characters give a glimpse into the future, while also highlighting our desire and drive to be collaborative in true Web3 ethos. Our mission is to become the Mario of Web3’. We are doing that by focusing on community.”

image of two the littles NFTs
The littles has raised more than $40M in trading volume sales since its November 2021 launch. Credits: OpenSea

What is the littles?

The littles is a PFP-style pixelated NFT project. Its debut collection dropped back on November 21st. Nevertheless, the digital assets already surpassed $40 million in secondary sales.

Surprisingly, the littles is among the few NFT projects to hit the big screen. The team already confirmed an upcoming children’s TV show featuring the colorful characters.

The littles’ artwork was inspired by the founding couple’s toddler, Jordyn. The two-year-old is always in a good mood although she suffers from a rare blood disorder (pediatric thalassemia).

This year, we’ll be able to see the 8 feet-statues of the littles’ main NFT character, “Jojo Bear”. The team will reveal the artworks as part of the NFT.NYC event between June 20-23th. Then, attendees can also receive exclusive POAP NFTs and sweepstake prizes.

Meanwhile, all eyes are on the project’s innovative 1-Up Arcade blockchain experience. All in all, the game will bring together huge NFT communities of CyberKongz, KaijuKingz, CyberKongz, SupDucks, and Cool Cats.


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