Skyweaver Launch Their First Ever Expansion NFT Cards

Skyweaver, the popular NFT trading card game (TCG), is launching its first-ever expansion cards. They are officially called ” Clash of Inventors”. The expansion includes 50 new awesome trading cards. Significantly, this latest move by the Skyweaver team aims to shake up the ‘Meta’ of the game and give players multiple new options.

Image of the new expansion by Skyweaver NFT
Skyweaver, the popular NFT trading card game has announced a huge expansion.

Skyweaver NFT expansion cards will change the game!

The Skyweaver NFT game has a vast following and over 500 trading cards in the game. Because of this, players can choose hundreds of ways to battle in PvP situations. Importantly, you cannot buy these cards and only earn them by playing the game. The latest announcement of ‘Clash of Inventors’ will shake up the entire ecosystem. 

A vital part of the Skyweaver NFT game design is deckbuilding and a ‘prism’ system. There are five prisms in total, and from these, players can build their favourite card deck. Strength, wisdom, heart, agility, and intellect are the five prisms.

In the Skyweaver expansion, each prism will get ten new cards containing four spells and six creatures. In addition, every card is designed to benefit a particular prism and builds on the lore and theme of the game too.

Clash of Inventors expansion will continue

The Skyweaver NFT trading card game expansion is an ongoing work. The popular game has confirmed they will also release an extra 20 cards for the Clash of Inventors expansion over the summer.

Finally, Skyweaver is free to play and has a huge welcoming community. You can choose how you want to play the game, and as you progress, you will earn more base trading cards. Once you are ready after fighting against CPU players, you can compete in PVP against others in the Skyweaver world.


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