Phantom Galaxies Launch governance & utility token: ASTRAFER

Phantom Galaxies, the exciting game in the public Alpha phase, is getting a governance and utility token called ASTRAFER. The token will add a new dimension to the game and become an essential aspect. The official announcement comes from Animoca Brands and its subsidiary Blowfish Studios, the award-winning game developer and publisher.

Image of gameplay from Phantom Galaxies showing a fight in space
Phantom Galaxies launches official governance and utility token called ASTRAFER.

Phantom Galaxies Token ASTRAFER is now live!

ASTRAFER has officially launched on QuickSwap and is paired with ETH and USDC. Furthermore, it also works with the Animoca Brands tokens SAND, REVV, TOWER, GMEE, and PROS.

The new Phantom Galaxies token will provide the ecosystem with some crucial features. It will offer governance elements and significantly in-game utility. What’s more, players can purchase ASTRAFER tokens to buy and mint Phantom Galaxies NFTs.

The first opportunity to do this is with the “Thermopylae” Poster 3 NFT. These poster NFTs also come with utility. They give players access to special avatars and Generative Starfighters. Basically, these giant mechanical vehicles are an integral part of the Phantom Galaxies game.

About Phantom Galaxies

Created by Blowfish Studios, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, there has been colossal excitement and build-up surrounding the game. Now, there are over 100 thousand active game players in its Alpha phase.

In May, Blowfish Studios had a private Planet sale. This was hugely successful and 7,734 Planets and Asteroids sold for over $19 million.

Phantom Galaxies is a vast, open-world, fast-paced mech combat game. It is similar to traditional 3D action RPGs but offers something completely different and unique. Players can exercise governance rights and complete control and ownership of in-game assets. These include Mechanized Starfighters (mechs), equipment, avatars, and in-game currency.

Image of Phantom Galaxies In-game play
There is a huge hype surrounding Phantom Galaxies, the open-world blockchain game created by Blowfish Studios, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands.

The popular game has some enormous plans and the backing to make it happen. As a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, it has the full support of this giant, innovative web3 organisation. Furthermore, Blowfish Studios is highly regarded worldwide for its game development and publishing.

Because of this partnership, many in the web3 space and traditional gamers are incredibly optimistic about the Phantom Galaxies game. In the game, players go on adventures to protect human colonies across the galaxy. There are hopes that this could become the number one blockchain-based game. 

Currently, three of the four episodes of the Alpha version are playable for the public. Additionally, the fourth and final episode is due at the end of July. 

Play and earn ‘Astrafite Rush’ event.

Phantom Galaxies players will have the chance to earn ASTRAFER tokens soon. Those participating in the ‘Astrafite Rush’ in-game event will get the opportunity to earn tokens when episode 4 comes out.

In total, the reward pool for the event will start at 2,664,234 ASTRAFER and grow up to 4,440,389 ASTRAFER throughout the game event. However, this will depend on several factors, including players contributing to different community objectives. 


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