Join the Hunt for Super Cool Status with Shadow Wolves NFTs in the Cool Cats Universe!

Shadow Wolves NFTs are the newest addition to the Cool Cats universe. It offers the opportunity for collectors to embody a darker persona as a druidic, Viking-like wolf with the ability to travel through fractures and collect precious materials. Let’s explore the background, identity, and role of Shadow Wolves, as well as instructions on how to mint them, their rarity tiers and traits, and collection size.

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What Are Shadow Wolves NFTs? How Do I Mint Them?

Shadow Wolves are druidic wolf-like creatures with Viking-like characteristics that inhabit the “Wandering Territory”. According to the Royal Library records, they have lived in nature for thousands of years. They explore geological fractures and obtaining precious materials throughout Cooltopia. These Shadow Wolves are highly skilled in combat and may attack to protect their resources.

The Shadow Wolves collection has a maximum size of 11,575 units. If the total number of Shadow Wolves minted is less than 10,000 at the close of the mint window, the creators reserve the right to mint up to a total collection size of 10,000 for treasury and holder distribution purposes.

The Shadow Wolves mint window opens on 4.20.23 and closes on 5.19.2023 at 3PM EST. After the minting period ends, the rarity distribution for the Shadow Wolves PFPs is locked in, and a fixed and finalized collection size unique to the World of Cool.

The final Fracture traits/rarity tiers directly correlate to the final Shadow Wolf rarity tiers and traits. Each tier of the Shadow Wolves collection will be organized similarly to the Cool Cats Collection tier system, ranging from Shadow 1 to Chaos 2.

Mint Instructions

To mint a Shadow Wolf, holders must burn a Cool Cats Fracture NFT. The next steps are straightforward:

  • Go to the Mint page.
  • Select the fractures you want to burn.
  • Approve your token(s) for burning (you pay the gas).
  • Approve the burning/processing of your fractures.
  • Receive your Shadow Wolf.

Mint Cost: Shadow Wolves are free to mint when you burn a Fracture NFT. Users pay gas on the Ethereum network to authorize burning to mint their Shadow Wolves.

How Shadow Wolves Carry The Cooltopia Narrative Forward

Shadow Wolves introduce the dark side of Cooltopia. This allows holders to embody a darker persona as druidic, Viking-like wolves. These formidable adversaries are aggressive and uncivilized, but also an integral part of the Cooltopian economy.

Holders of Shadow Wolves have the opportunity to explore new dynamics of gameplay and integrate healthy competition amongst the Cooltopian community. They also have access to different utilities and will be classified as Super Cool members of the overall ecosystem. Furthermore, they have access to diverse experiences, unique journeys, and items that only they can obtain.

The collection also includes two tiers of legendary characters. With the more limited ones called The Elders. They are randomly assigned to symbol factions from your fracture. Additionally, there are also legendary traits available for other characters. The Cool Cats projects call them The Scholars. There are also multiple scholars for each faction. Moreover, these are minted at the end of the minting period and distributed as rewards to the most loyal members and as prize rewards.



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