STEPN Partners With WhaleFin & Atlético de Madrid For NFTs

STEPN is entering a partnership with Atlético de Madrid and WhaleFine for an exciting NFT sneakers collection. The announcement by Amber Group, a leading digital asset platform, confirms this venture, which consists of 1,001 digitally hand-drawn Atlético de Madrid sneakers. The Genesis collection will grant users exclusive access to Atlético de Madrid signed jerseys, WhaleFin NFT airdrops, and much more. 

Atlético de Madrid NFT image
The Atlético de Madrid NFT collection is in partnership with WhaleFin and STEPN

Introducing the Atlético de Madrid NFT sneakers collection

Working closely with WhaleFin and STEPN, the Atlético de Madrid NFT sneakers will allow fans of the famous Spanish football club to interact with their team in a completely new way.

Aiming to close the gap between the digital and physical spaces, it will also provide access to some great benefits only available to NFT holders.

Íñigo Aznar, Chief Commercial Officer at Atlético de Madrid, said, “This strategic alliance with WhaleFin opens a new world of possibilities for the club and our fans worldwide. Exploring new ways to connect with our fan base and with communities like STEPN allows us to discover innovative possibilities offered by Web3.”

About Atlético de Madrid NFTs 

In total, there are 1,001 hand-drawn NFT sneakers in this genesis collection. They come in three categories: Common, Uncommon, and Rare soccer boots. All of these can be utilized with STEPN on the Ethereum blockchain.

The designs of the NFTs will highlight the history of the 119-year-old football club. This will include trophies, stadiums, and players.

To begin the launch, WhaleFin will release 180 sneakers comprising 160 Common sneakers, 19 Uncommon sneakers, and an exclusive pair of Rare sneakers up for grabs.

Moreover, this will coincide with a STEPN airdrop of 20 Common sneakers to its community.

STEPN sneaker utility

You need to move to gain rewards using the Atlético de Madrid NFT sneakers. Walk, jog and run your way towards special benefits regularly. 

Importantly, this includes an opportunity to win of the eleven exclusive signed football shirts alongside access to future WhaleFin NFT airdrops.

One of the most exciting rewards is the chance to win an exclusive VIP experience in Madrid. The raffle winner will get two tickets to watch a live match at the beautiful Cívitas Metropolitano stadium.

STEPN image
The NFTs will use the STEPN move-to-earn technology

Atlético de Madrid NFTs will use STEPN move-to-earn technology

The revolutionary move-to-earn STEPN technology made huge waves in the NFT community when it launched in December 2021. It is a unique web3 lifestyle app that allows you to earn crypto while being active.

The app features built-in GameFi and SocialFi technology. Like other fitness apps, it tracks your daily activity, whether walking, running, or anything else. 

Furthermore, STEPN promotes healthy living and provides game progression by leveling up sneakers and minting new ones.

Atlético de Madrid players on football pitch NFT
Atlético de Madrid are one of the biggest football teams in the world!

Mable Jiang, the Chief Revenue Officer at STEPN, said, “Through this partnership, our goal is to connect the world of exercise to the Web3 space and provide tangible, real-world rewards for global fans who own a pair of NFT sneakers from the Genesis collection. 

Finally, the Atlético de Madrid NFT collection is also possible through WhaleFin. This is Amber Group’s flagship digital asset platform. Significantly, they have a huge knowledge of institutional and consumer markets worldwide. Together, along with Madrid and STEPN, they will continue building this collection.



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