Neopets Metaverse Alpha Version Starts This Week

The Neopets Metaverse is rolling out its Alpha version this week, starting on Friday, August 26 at 2 p.m. UTC. The Neopets Metaverse Alpha version is an exclusive, invitation-only multi-week event. During the Alpha version, players will have the opportunity to explore this new metaverse for the first time, participate in six experiences and receive in-game items as well as the $NPM token.

Neopets Metaverse Alpha Version rollout plan
The Alpha version will officially launch this Friday.

The Alpha version rollout: What we know so far

To join the Neopets Metaverse Alpha Version, you need to either be a holder of the Neopets Metaverse Collection (NMC), a holder of Pizzaroo’s Unique Pizzas, a holder of Masterpiece Collection, or be exclusively invited by the Neopets team. Current holders can access five metaverse experiences and receive rewards after each experience is completed.

If you are interested in accessing the Alpha version of the metaverse and need a Neopets Metaverse NFT, you can currently get it on the secondary market. The secondary marketplaces that currently have Neopets Metaverse NFTs include Solanart, Magic Eden, Fractal, Solsea and Artemis. If you would like to add a Pizzaroo’s Unique Pizzas NFT to your collection, you can purchase it on Fractal, Magic Eden and Solanart.

26 August 2022 is the official launch day of the Neopets Metaverse Alpha version. On that same day, the Neopets team will unleash three nostalgia-invoking mini-games: Turmac Roll, Meerca Chase and Ultimate Bullseye. On September 2, players can interact with their Neopet, while on September 9 they can decorate their Neohome. In addition, September 16 marks the day when players can battle their Neopets against other Neopets.

screenshot of the invite-only alpha version
You can now pre-register for the Alpha version.

What is the Neopets Metaverse’s Masterpiece collection?

The Neopets Metaverse’s Masterpiece NFT collection consists of 1,000 NFTs available by winning prices within the Neopet universe. Owning one of these NFTs allows players to access the invite-only Alpha version and a verifiable role within the Neopets Discord community. What’s more, NFT holders can access a limited-edition in-game item and receive token airdrops.

What is the Neopets Metaverse?

The Neopets Metaverse is a play-and-earn, community-based virtual pet game based on the original Neopets. It is a digital world that revolves around raising, caring and battling Neopets and monetizing players’ gaming experience.

Players can navigate through Neopia, chat with NPCs, and build on Lands that players can own. In addition to all of this, players can engage in mini-games, PvP battles and Neopet care. Best of all, it is a free-to-play game that is easy to navigate whether players are web3 natives or not. It is also set to open up a world of opportunities for those who want to make money through play-to-earn gaming.



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