Gala Games Superior Playtest Starts Now!

Blockchain-based game Superior – brought to us by Gala Games – kicked off their playtest today. The good news is anyone with a Gala Games account can participate in the playtest. According to Gala Games’ Superior AMA in August, the alpha playtest has been at the forefront of developers’ minds. It is therefore safe to say that players will not be disappointed by the latest playtest.

poster of the latest gala games offering superior
Superior is a blockchain-based, roguelite third-person shooter game with a dystopian twist.

Gala Games Superior Play Test: What we know so far

Gala Games developers say players will find many new, fine-tuned features not available in previous playtests. These include new skills, powers, as well as elevated graphics. Additionally, the playtest also includes a level of cosmetic customization that gives players a taste of what they can expect from the full version of the game.

Players can also test a brand new superpower in this new Gala Games offering, which is the Xeno superpower. Drifter’s Brain Murphy said: “It’s kind of a mix of Mr Fantastic and Venom. You basically are pairing with a shapeshifting alien who can wrap around you and turn you into a motorcycle, or a spiky bouncy ball, or you can summon gigantic slappy hands and turn everybody into blood and guts.”

Furthermore, players can expect an improved Leaderboard. Although the first version of the Leaderboard competition will be single-player only, Superior developer team does not exclude the addition of co-op support and rewards for winners.

Superior and NFTs

NFTs are currently present in these early versions of the game in the form of NFT characters. While players without NFTs can still play, NFT characters have several perks, such as a higher starting level cap and additional team-oriented skills. However, Gala Games developers have also suggested the inclusion of NFTs from other ecosystems. One thing is for sure, we cannot wait to see what the final version of Superior will be like!



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