Soccer With Sorare, the Ultimate Web3 Fantasy Sports Platform

Sports NFT collections have become very popular in todays digital renaissance, and Sorare takes this to the next level combining the power of web3, soccer, and fantasy sports. While fantasy sports is already a thriving industry that offers fans the opportunity to participate actively in the game, Sorare elevates fantasy soccer to a new level. Sorare is an industry leader in fantast digital collectibles. Moreover, the brand has created an ideal game for fans who enjoy both fantasy soccer and NFTs.

So what exactly is Sorare? What sets it apart from the competition? How do we play on the platform? And what other platforms have Sorare partnered with? Read on to learn more about the cutting edge fantasy sports platform!

a picture of soccer player Kylian Mbappe, the brand ambassador of web3 platform Sorare

What is Sorare?

Sorare, founded by Nicolas Julia and Adrien Montfort in 2018, is a unique fantasy soccer game that uses NFT player cards. Instead of selecting players from a list, players must purchase NFTs corresponding to the players they want on their team. These NFTs are completely owned by the player and can be sold in secondary markets like any other NFT collectible.

The game allows players to create a five-player team using their digital cards and participate in virtual tournaments while earning weekly rewards in the form of ETH and rare cards. The platform’s tagline, “Own Your Game,” emphasizes the ownership aspect of the NFTs, which are based on the Ethereum blockchain.

How Can I Play Fantasy Soccer on Sorare?

Sorare’s onboarding process is simple and quick. It adapts to the needs of newcomers, enthusiasts, and thoroughbreds alike.  Joining Sorare is easy, with a quick and hassle-free registration process.

Simply click “Get Started.” on their official website to begin your fantasy soccer web3 journey. You may sign up using an email address or connect through social media. Once you create an account, you’ll also gain access to educational resources and guides curated by Sorare. This makes it easy for beginners to understand the game’s mechanics, scoring system, and strategies.

To start playing Sorare, users need simply sign up and choose a league from Rookie to special leagues such as Under 23, Asian, or European. They can play for free initially, with up to 10 “Common” player cards assigned randomly from select clubs for use only in the Rookie league. To earn more, players buy their own cards of varying rarity. The the rarer ones being more valuable than others. Top players may cost up to 0.2 ETH, with some rare ones auctioned for as much as 265 ETH. Once you have the right cards, you’re ready to join the leagues!

The rarity of the cards determines their scoring potential and value. Common cards are available for free and ideal for beginners to learn Sorare’s gameplay. Rare cards are limited to 100 copies per player per season and offer greater rewards, which can be earned or bought on the marketplace.

The platform also offers an introduction to the marketplace, where you can purchase new cards to support your team and gain a competitive edge. The guide helps users navigate the marketplace, connect with other enthusiasts, and share experiences. At Sorare, everyone is welcome, including newcomers.

Star-Studded Sports Partnerships

Sorare has formed strategic partnerships with major sports leagues such as MLB, NBA, Premier League, and La Liga. The partnerships give Sorare the exclusive rights to create NFT-based player cards for all the top European leagues, expanding the platform’s global appeal.

Sorare has also partnered with NFT icon Pranksy, who invests in Sorare football cards and invites his community to private leagues, with winners receiving NFTs from his collection, VIP Premier League tickets, and Sorare merchandise. Pranksy praised Sorare for its engaged audience, and his wallet is estimated to be worth $6.7 million, including $4.64 million in NFTs.

In addition, Sorare also partners with top players across sports for exclusive drops. The most recent one being with brand ambassador Kylian Mbappe’s 1/1 NFT Player Card Auction.

Win in Web3 With Sorare

Sorare’s unique approach to fantasy soccer using NFT player cards and a well-executed tournament system make it a top choice for sports fans in the digital age. With an impressive roster of major clubs and players, Sorare is backed by notable venture capital firms. The company also boasts a board of advisors including industry giants like Gerard Piqué, Serena Williams, and Marcelo Claure.

The platform’s global reach and plans for expansion into other sports NFTs make it an attractive investment for the future. While there have been minor setbacks, Sorare’s success in raising $688 million in funding last year has solidified its position as a leader in the industry.

To learn more about Sorare, head to their website and follow them on Twitter.




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