Mega Man and Tekken Creators Join Forces for Web3 Platform

Minnapad, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) launchpad and non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace, recently unveiled its plans for two DAOs. These DAOs are launching in partnership with renowned Japanese game creators Keiji Inafune (Mega Man) & Seiichi Ishii (Tekken) this year. Further, the DAOs aim to allow fans to collaborate with creators to develop exciting new intellectual properties (IPs). Moreover, they also allow holders ownership of the created projects. The first two DAOs are scheduled to be launched in Q2 2023.

a screenshot of artwork from Brain Fighter, a web3 game from the creators of Tekken, - It shows 3 anime girls in a classroom wirh a health bar on the blackboard

Creators Of Mega Man & Tekken Present Two New Web3 DAOs!

Keiji Inafune is best known for his work on the Mega Man franchise at Capcom. He gave the series its distinctive visual style. His DAO also features a post-apocalyptic world. A world where humans are struggling for survival, with original characters based on this world. Furthermore, mechanized animal creatures called “BEASTROID” are humanity’s only hope of reaching a safe haven called Paradise. Minnapad and Inafune have partnered to revive the initial BEASTROID NFT collection. They also invite existing holders to the DAO membership presale. More information about the presale is to follow.

Seiichi Ishii is the visionary designer who pioneered modern fighting games through his work on titles such as Tekken, Tobal, and Virtua Fighter. His next original IP, called BRAIN FIGHTER, features small robots called Brain Fighters controlled by people’s brain waves. Each person becomes the protagonist of this world, controlling their own Brain Fighters, and battles others in a tag team style for victory.

The Minnapad platform aims to become the premier platform connecting fans of Japanese content to legendary Japanese creators, who are referred to as “Legends.” As a DAO, members of Minnapad will have intimate access and voting power in the creation of the BEASTROID and BRAIN FIGHTER IPs, giving fans, publishers, and creators an equal voice in the direction the IP takes.

About Minnapad

Minnapad is a create-to-earn DAO launchpad and NFT marketplace connecting entertainment creators or ‘Legends’ to the wider community through blockchain technology. It offers decentralized forms of participation for new IP ownership. Anyone can collaborate with their favorite legends.

The company, founded in 2022, also aims to bring positive change to the entertainment landscape. It also creates equality between publishers, creators, and fans. Minnapad is located in Tokyo and Singapore. Their doors are open to everyone (‘Minna-san’) who can contribute value to create the next big IP.

Moreover, the BRAIN FIGHTER & BEASTROID DAOs are just the start of what’s to come from Minnapad. Moreover. the company plans to explore additional partnerships and DAOs in the future. With the equal voice given to fans, publishers, and creators, Minnapad aims to become the premier platform for connecting fans to legendary Japanese creators.

The partnership with Inafune and Ishii is just the beginning for Minnapad. As the community grows, the company plans to explore additional DAOs in the video game and anime spaces. The company aims to offer fans the chance to collaborate with creators and own a part of the IPs they help create.



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