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GAM3 Award Nominees Have Been Announced!

Polkstarter has announced the nominees for the 2023 GAM3 Blockchain Gaming Awards. The first round of decision-making saw 106 unique games across 13 categories and 13 chains. Then, after selecting the Top 5 for each category, the jury has pared down the list to only 32 games. As a result, these games represent the best that Web3 has to offer. The GAM3 Awards will take place on December 15th, 2022. Let’s take a look at the GAM3 award nominees!

Characters from five games are illuminated against a purple background for the 2022 GAM3 Game of the Year Award Nominees.
Five titles are nominated for Game Of The Year at the GAM3 Awards. Credit: PolkastarterGG Twitter.

Who Are The GAM3 Award Nominees?

The first award to look out for is the Games’ Choice Award, which is where the industry recognizes key players in the space. Specifically, each game is able to nominate their favorite Web3 title outside of themselves. This category works as a way to collectively showcase incredible blockchain games.

The next award to watch is The People’s Choice Award. This is the only game-specific GAM3 Award where the community has 100% of the decision. Already it has sparked a tidal wave of tweets and announcements from 32 games with a combined following of more than 3 million. Furthermore, over 50 games have qualified from 5K unique votes.

The biggest award of the night is, obviously, Game of the Year. Five games have pushed the industry to re-imagine the possibilities for Web3, oftentimes taking a foray into traditional gaming to do so. These games are Big Time, Illuvium, The Harvest, Gods Unchained, and Superior. Regardless of the winner, December 15th will be a day of celebration for Web3.

Six content creators are illuminated against a purple background for the Best Content Creator Award at the 2022 GAM3 Awards.
The Best Content Creator Award is driven 100% by community engagement. Credit: PolkastarterGG Twitter.

How Are Creators Involved With The GAM3 Awards?

Not only will the 2023 GAM3 Awards celebrate numerous Gaming Studios, but Polkastarter will also be honoring Content Creators with a 100% community-driven category. To this end, Omar Ghanem, Head of Gaming at Polkastarter, relayed “how excited everyone is to see the Web3 gaming sector’s development and growth.”

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