No Deal on Dookey Dash Key

The NFT community has been in a frenzy since BAYC creators Yuga Labs’ launched ‘Dookey Dash’. Then, two days ago, the hunt for the game’s grand prize (the Golden Key) turned into a 690 ETH offer by UPDAO! Surprisingly, the lucky holder, Mongraal, declined it asking for no less than double, or about $2.2 million. Now the community can’t help but wonder: is the Golden Key really worth that much?

Image of Mongraal in his living room
The Dookey Dash winner Mongraal listed his Golden Key for sale but declined UPDAO’s offer!

Dookey Dash: How Much is the Holder Asking for the Golden Key?

The Dookey Dash game may have ended on February 8th, but it’s still making headlines! Yuga Labs revealed the winner two weeks ago – a Fortnite pro gamer, Mongraal. Of course, offers started pouring for his grand prize, the Sewer Pass Golden Key.

In fact, the latest example comes from the Pixel Vault-powered project UPDAO. The project surprisedly bid 690 ETH for Mongraal’s Golden Key five days ago. His reaction? See it for yourself:

Twitter screenshot of a message regarding the Dookey Dash Golden Key bidding
Mongraal declined UPDAO’s offer, asking for double the price they were willing to pay for the Golden Key. Credit: Twitter

In other words, the Dookey Dash Golden Key holder asked for a whopping $2.2 million to sell the Golden Key to UPDAO. Soon enough, the team declined the offer, and the Pixel Vault Director of Communications explained it too:

The @UPDAO_ offered what it felt was a fair price about a 1/1 mystery box tied to a vibrant ecosystem. Doubling an offer just to “win” makes zero sense when no new info was presented. Wishing @Mongraal the best in his journey to sell this NFT,” he said.


Why is the Golden Key So Important?

Basically, the Golden Key was the grand prize of the Dookey Dash game. Considering it’s a 1:1 the digital asset, and players had to invest so many resources into getting it, this key probably opens a valuable experience for its holder.

After all, Dookey Dash was extremely popular even when BAYC holders had no idea what its prize would be. Right now, all eyes are on the prize, currently available for bidding on OpenSea.



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