Genopets New Update Includes Toys and Food!

The latest Genopets update brings exciting features for players, including new Food and Toys! You can find and collect these Banking Rewards to use in the project’s soon-to-launch mini-games: Fetch and Feed. This new feature only enhances the game’s Move-to-Earn experience – a revolutionary alternative to the classic Play-to-Earn games that help you earn money.

image of Genopets NFT game updated characters
Genopets’ new update comes with brand new in-game items so you can get moving!

How does Genopets’ Banking Rewards Update Work?

The leading Move-to-Earn game Genopets starts 2023 with a bang thanks to its most recent update. Besides fixing common in-game bugs, the project also introduced a new feature called Banking Rewards. For every 1,000 Steps you Bank, you’ll receive surprise items such as Toys and Food.

Accordingly, you’ll be able to use these items for your Pets, as well as part of the upcoming mini-games called Feed and Fetch. In the future, players might be able to convert Toys and Food into NFTs too (although it hasn’t been confirmed yet).

image of a Pet character from the Genopets NFT game
Starting this year, Genopets players will receive surprise-items for every 1,000 Steps they collect within 24 hours thanks to its recent update.

How Do You Bank Your Steps?

Genopets has been making waves ever since its release due to its unique ecosystem. In essence, the game involves (literally) walking steps to level up, earn, and collect new items. The more you walk, the more Steps you collect within the game. Then, you can convert your Steps into Energy to grow your Pet and earn KI tokens.

Why would you need KI tokens? To begin with, you can create a Habitat for your Pets. Habitats are 3D homes for your Pets that come as NFTs. There are three levels of habitats which you can upgrade as you evolve within the game. With the new update, Genopets will likely open new doors for players to earn, collect, and get moving.

For now, Genopets is still in its closed beta version. This means that only players with a Genopet/Habitat or whitelisted users can join the game. However, the whitelist is open for new players and invitations, so you can enjoy the experience anytime!



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