LinksDAO NFT Revenue Could Make History with Golf Course

LinksDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization with members from across the golf community has made history by bidding on its first golf course through an NFT-based fundraising event through NFT revenue. The Spey Bay Golf Club, located on the Moray coastline in Scotland, was recently put up for sale. Members of the DAO needed to act fast if they want to secure the course, which is priced at $900,000. It has been described as “charming.”

LinksDAO NFT Revenue enabled the purchase of the pictured golf course, which sits against the water and has wide, sloping, green fields. There is a yellow flag flapping in the breeze.
Spey Bey Golf Club is being purchased by LinksDAO. Credit: Scotland Where Golf Began.

How Did the Decentralized Vote Settle?

88% of the LinksDAO members voted in favor of the acquisition of the golf course, with just 9% against. Many see this as an opportunity to own part of the heritage of golf, as the sport originated in Scotland. Furthermore, the DAO itself aims to “own one of the world’s greatest gold courses,” with a focus on the US market. However, Spey Bey was simply too good to pass up. Therefore, members acted fast and are in negotiations.

A cartoon golfer hits a golf ball with the LinksDAO logo on it.
The sale of NFTs enabled the purchasing of the golf course. Credit: NFT Plazas.

How did LinksDAO NFTs Play a Role?

The seed investment round is what allowed LinksDAO to secure Spey Bey. Additionally, the DAO raised $10.4M via the sale of 9,090 NFTs which give members access to the organization, including voting rights. Moreover, the success of this endeavor is significant, as it marks a historic moment for Web3. When investors ask about utility, perhaps we will start to reply with “DAO.”

A group of people play gold on the course at Spey Bey Golf Club.
The acquisition is a significant indicator of resilience. Credit: Station Hotel Portsoy.

What does Spey Bey Say about Web3?

Spey Bey is an indicator of Web3’s resilience. In fact, it was not long ago that many feared the end of the industry entirely. Not today, as LinksDAO is bidding on its first course and has plans to acquire several more in the United States. The best part? The acquisition of Spey Bey won’t even impact the DAO’s other deals. So, this is just the cherry on top.




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