Monday, February 6, 2023

Web3 Charity Project Raises $50k For Under-Privileged Kids


A web3 charity project created by Emonee LaRussa and her team at JumpStart Designers has raised an impressive $50,000 for underprivileged kids. The phenomenal project is powered by MoonPay and features artwork by some of the most prominent NFT artists worldwide. Auctions are now live, and artists such as Bobby Hundreds, Coldie, Fvckrender, Drifter, and others are participating.

image of rain and bridge from above by artist Drifter for charity web3 NFT collection
The charity web3 NFT event is now live, and features works by some of the most prominent artists in the space! Credit: Falling Ashes by Drifter.

Web3 Charity raises a huge 50k 

The team at JumpStart Designers has worked hard to create a project that supports children in underserved communities and hopes to provide them with equal opportunities to express themselves in the new digital art space.

The creator Emonee LaRussa is a motion graphics artist who has worked with global superstars such as Lil Nas x, Meg thee Stallion, and more. She is also a two-time Emmy Award winner! Now, the graphic artist is turning her skills into helping others.

In a tweet, Emonee LaRussa expressed her joy at the amount raised for charity. She stated, “Dear @moonpay and @ekaitza_ We have counted the # of profiles change to our PFP, and the results are in… We have reached over +2500 accounts on Twitter, IG & Tiktok!! Thanks to this community, we raised $50,000 to get computers to kids! YOU GUYS MADE THIS POSSIBLE!”

How to take part in the NFT charity event

The JumpStart Designers charity web3 event is live now, and it is easy to participate. Bid on the NFT art you like and keep your eyes on the auction. There are artworks from Bobby Hundreds, Coldie, Fvckrender, Drifter, and more.

Remember, these Web3 charity NFTs are helping to provide equitable access to software and hardware tools for underprivileged communities.


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