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gmoney’s House of 9dcc Announces the Release of ITERATION-02


Luxury fashion frontier brand 9dcc by NFT guru gmoney has announced the launch of its second phygital drop – “ITERATION 02”. The drop is in collaboration with Art Blocks founder Snowfro. The next edition is set to reveal at Art Basel in Miami from Tuesday, November 29th through Saturday, December 3rd. Learn more about the highly anticipated drop below!

an image depicting people wearing the "Iteration 01" NFT drop by gmoney and 9dcc

How To Get An ITERATION-02 T-Shirt By 9dcc?

NFT pioneers gmoney & Snowfro are considered by many to be innovators of the highest caliber in the space. This new collaborative drop will mark a milestone moment for the luxury fashion house as it continues to lead the bridging of digital and physical products into the fashion world. The chip-infused t-shirt is crafted using 100% finely knit, US-milled cotton and shines a light on future fashion and digital ownership. The “ITERATION 02” 9dcc event by gmoney & Snowfro spans two city blocks in Miami. It will be located in the NFT Now & MANA Gateway “Web3 Metropolis” venue at Miami Art Week.

Following ITERATION-01’s black and grey aesthetics, the sequel drop launches in a white colorway. Collectors at Art Basel get to exclusively access the initial release of the t-shirt. Attendees will get to experience a unique in-person minting experience and also get live ownership of these special 1 of 1 phygital fashion collectibles. Moreover, the ITERATION-02 lux tee will also be a Networked Product™. This represents the tying together of the physical products with digital assets. The freshly “minted” tees will also generate an NFT sent to holders wallets representing the prints on the physical t-shirt. Additionally, after the live pop-up experience, the tees will be available to the wider “Admit One” community via a virtual mint.

The 9dcc experience at Art Basel is to be truly one-of-a-kind. The pop-up fuses the excitement of a live-mint with an on-site manufacturing process. According to 9dcc, “Each customer plays a key role in triggering their live mint at the tap of a button and then witnesses a world-class showcase of generative manufacturing including printing, NFC chip bridging, and lux packaging all done within minutes.” Further details regarding price and inventory for ITERATION-02 are yet to follow.

About 9dcc

9dcc is a a crypto-native luxury fashion house and lifestyle platform. 9dcc aims to redefine the way the fashion industry operates and merge the future of the digital airspace into the fabric of its ethos. Its debut drop, the “ITERATION 01” allowed people to become a walking POAP (Proof of Attendance Protocol). The t-shirt allowed people to scan the tee for exclusive Proof of Interaction NFTs. This and more allow 9dcc and gmoney to create a verifiable scarcity system using the power of NFTs.


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