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Solana’s two biggest NFT Names Clash in Online Feud


Solana NFTs have been growing in popularity, and now, two of the biggest names in the space are involved in an online feud. @Frankdegods, the founder of DeGods and y00ts, has found himself in a somewhat strange altercation with @ShiLLin_ViLLian, aka Alex. Both are hugely popular names in the NFT Twitter community, with big followings.

Image of a DeGods gold armour NFT online feud
Frankdegods and Alex aka @ShiLLin_ViLLian have been arguing on Twitter!

Solana NFT Twitter influencers in online feud

The argument between Alex and Frankdegods began after Alex tweeted, “My favorite founder is more concerned about an emoji than their collection being down 60%. The bar is low.” In response to these comments, Frankdegods replied, “Your lies that you casually spread daily affect my collections. And many other people’s collections, mental health, and overall bags.”

Alex and Frank have received support in the comments for their stance in the Solana NFT feud, with people quickly taking sides. 

Significantly, Alex said he never mentioned anyone by name, adding, “Why are you assuming you’re my favorite founder?”

Is DeGods NFT down 60%?

In September, the popular DeGods NFT collection reached a peak floor price of over 540 SOL. Now, on November 7th, the floor price is 212 SOL. So, Alex is right that DeGods is around 50% down in just a few months. But there could be multiple reasons for this.

During September, there was a massive FOMO for DeGods as it became one of the first big Solana NFT projects to explode on OpenSea. Now, the FOMO has died down, so the price has declined. 

The Solana NFT feud centres around this price discussion and has even made it to various Twitter spaces overnight.

Frankdegods has also been quick to point out that he has made mistakes as the project’s founder. He tweeted, “I never said he’s the sole reason we’re down. I think there are a lot of reasons. I’ve made mistakes. I’m working on them. Nothing to hide.”

Frankdegods is also the creator of the y00ts NFT collection, which has finally revealed its artwork after months of setbacks. In the coming months, the y00ts team hopes to learn from these mistakes and build a more solid floor price for the project.

For now, the Alex and Frank Solana NFT feud seems to have gone quiet, but only time will tell if these influential NFT figures will go keyboard to keyboard again.


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