Monday, February 6, 2023

Kraft, Del Monte and In-N-Out Burger File For NFT Trademarks


In recent months, several major food companies have taken out NFT and metaverse trademarks to secure the digital future of their brands. The latest companies to sign up include Kraft, Del Monte, and In-N-Out Burger. These huge companies are looking forwards to the future and understand the impact web3 will have on a wide range of services. On top of this, virtual reality is also expanding rapidly, and these major food brands are now planning for this.

image of Del Monte goods, NFT trademark
Mega corporations such as Del Monte are now filing for NFT and metaverse trademarks in huge numbers.

Food companies file NFT and metaverse trademarks

Licensed trademark attorney Mike Kondoudis has been tweeting about the latest companies to file NFT and metaverse trademarks. In the last week alone, the three global brands, Kraft, Del Monte, and In-N-Out Burger, have all filed some form of web3/NFT trademarks.

On October 10th, Del Monte filed eight new trademark applications for Del Monte and the Del Monte Shield. As part of this, they listed plans for NFTs and NFT media, virtual marketplaces, metaverse spaces, and more. Significantly, there are also plays for virtual restaurants, stores, food, and drinks.
Then, two days later, Kraft Foods Group filed a trademark for its iconic hot dog-shaped Weinermobile!

trademark application weinermobile
Kraft Foods Group filed a trademark for its iconic hot dog-shaped Weinermobile!

With the three global brands filing trademarks, they all hold similar themes of virtual restaurants, stores, and metaverse spaces.

Web3 trademarks are on the rise

Despite all the statistics suggesting we are in an NFT bear market, companies are still entering the web3 space at a remarkable rate. Furthermore, by September, the number of companies filing for NFT and metaverse trademarks surpassed the 2021 figure. 

Finally, with more and more companies thinking about how to expand their web3 footprint, it is an exciting time. This week, Cheetos, in partnership with Vayner3, launched a spooky virtual reality experience in Meta’s Horizon Worlds. Players can impact the real-world decision on which snack to bring back for a limited time.


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