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Foundation-certified Van Gogh NFTs To Debut on


Vincent Van Gogh, one of the most celebrated artists in modern history, now has an NFT collection. The project is a collaboration between the Van Gogh Sites Foundation and, a global web3 platform based in Hong Kong. Together, they have combined to create the first-ever Van Gogh NFT collection. Significantly, the project hopes to use blockchain and NFT technology to raise funds for cultural heritage preservation and nurture local artists’ development. Prices for the NFTs begin at $880, and it is a chance to own a truly special NFT art piece. These are incredible fine art NFTs that would look great in any NFT gallery.

Image of Van Gogh NFTs with people holding them
The official Van Gogh NFTs are now on sale!

39 Vincent Van Gogh NFTs are here!

The new collection of NFTs has been authenticated by the Van Gogh Sites Foundation (VGSF). There are 39 NFTs in total, and the vast collection’s first 1-6 issues are available from today, the 10th of October. The rest of the NFTs will also be released throughout the year.

The first six NFTs are multi-media art pieces, split between two tiers – Century and Millenium NFTs – at varying prices. These are now available to buy via the Appreciator website.

What is in the Van Gogh NFT collection?

Millenium NFTs (issues 1-3): These three pieces of art will each consist of 25 NFTs, totaling 75 NFTs for $9,850 each. These NFTs come with some incredible utility. Furthermore, this is an exclusive members-only NFT sale. In addition to helping to preserve the cultural heritage for future generations, buyers will also get – 

  1. Numbered NFT, animated 3D artwork
  2. Signed Certificate from the Foundation
  3. Numbered Homeland Box (Triptych style)
  4. Authentic Numbered Silver coated leaf
  5. Handcrafted Poplar Wooden Box, selected using trees from Van Gogh’s homeland, the Netherlands
  6. Limited Edition Book for VG39
  7. Shareholder Certificate from Foundation

Interestingly, the team behind the project will also plant a poplar tree for corporate clients who purchase three Millenium edition NFTs. Moreover, this will show how they are contributing to heritage preservation.

Century NFTs (issues 4-6): Three artworks comprising 50 NFTs, totaling 150 NFTs for $880  each. These NFTs are available to everyone, and some excellent utility is attached to the Van Gogh NFTs. As part of the Century NFT package, you also get –

  1. Numbered NFT, animated 3D artwork
  2. Signed Certificate from the foundation
image of a leaf in glass on a table Van Gogh NFT
The new NFTs come with some incredible utility.

NFTs celebrate the homeland of the famous artist

The new NFTs offer a different outlook on 39 heritage sites in the birthplace of Vincent Van Gogh in Brabant, Netherlands. In addition, these re-imaginings by local artists focus on the natural landscape, people, and rural life of Brabant, which was highly influential in the artist’s life.

“These NFTs shed light on the life of Van Gogh. By understanding the locales of his birthplace and childhood and the natural environment where he found much inspiration, peace, and solace, the public can fully appreciate the artist’s vision and work,” said Mr. Frank van den Eijnden, Director of VGSF. 

Finally, local Hong Kong artists will also participate in the fine art project by creating the next Van Gogh NFTs in the fascinating year-long drop.


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